Dear Mom’s,


My name is Loren Alon. 

I’m 25 years old, mother of 3 beautiful kids, Mia, Anne, and Don. 

As a fashion designer my dream was to create my own kids collection. 

I always designed clothes for my kids,and dreamed about sharing it with others. 

When my First Boy – Don was born, I felt it’s the right time to turn my dream into realty. 

I felt so lucky, and that’s why I founded  DonikKids right after. 

With all my love to quality ,I  created a special collection. 

With the best fabric, here in Israel – my country ,I created my collection with lots of thoughts and meaning. 

Donik is a little Dinosaur that had such a big impact for my life and my career. 

He brought luck and joy with him, and I am so proud to share with you what I’ve worked and dreamed of for so long. 

Every design includes a sentence that means a lot to me. 

I educate my kids so they will always believe in themselves, and that is my massage for you and your family. 

Always believe in yourself and give your kids the exact mindset for life. 

With Love, 

Loren & Donik